thanks to greece

Thanks to everyone who made us feel at home in every stop of the Greek tour. You give life to our music.

Also to Sofia Sarri and the beautiful people that traveled with us for being plain musical superheroes: Thank you.

Vagelis Moschos Petros Lamprides Costas Stergiou Giorgos KontogiannisDimitris Chiotis Menelaos Menelaos

Ifigenia Kondyli Jim Kotsis you made this possible 

Temple Athens Βυρσοδεψείο Χανιά-Vyrsodepseio Chania / Πολιτισμός και Ψυχαγωγία Υπόγειο thanks for having us!

Same goes for Στοά 60, the fabric of a bright future...

To friends, family and strangers that hosted us in every city: we love you even more.

Till next time...!

p.s.: Next stop is the Dutch album release party in Rotterdam

p.s.2: photo credit goes to Chris Lemonis Photography