new album with pelagic on 18/3/2022

We are delighted to announce that our new album will be released by Pelagic Records on March 18, 2022.

We find ourselves in the company of artists that we have admired for many years like The Ocean and Mono and exciting new artists that are pushing the boundaries of forward thinking heavy music...Hypno5e, pg.lost, Psychonaut, Herod to name a few.

We have been fans of Pelagic's high quality production and aesthetics in everything they put out but also of the kind people that we met a couple of weeks ago at the label's festival in Antwerp.

We couldn't dream of a better home for what we believe to be our best work so far. But more on this in the few months leading to March.

In the words of Pelagic's and The Ocean's Robin Staps…

"Old friend and artist Costin Chioreanu raised our attention for this incredible album which is a very particular blend of ingredients, including massive contemporary heaviness, a healthy dose of complexity that remains well-concealed underneath the heavy groove-skeleton that the album is built over, and a fitting and innovative use of electronics… If you haven't heard from Playgrounded yet, you sure will in the future!"