The day has finally come to release our new album "The death of Death" into the world. We believe it to be our most complete creation to date and we feel privileged to be able to communicate our thoughts through art in these tolling times. Ours is a message of change, an advocation of the new prevailing over the old, a call to action and solidarity.

As all products of human endeavor, it takes a team of motivated people collaborating under a common goal to bring an album to life... we wish to name them and thank them:

"The death of Death" was recorded by Nikos Michalodimitrakis at MD Recording studios in Athens, with the help of Dimitris Sakellaris during the course of two months. Nikos dedicated his every breath to the project for this period and it clearly wouldn't have been the same without him.

It was patiently mixed by Christer Cederberg (Leprous, Anathema etc.) at Cederberg studios in Kristiansand, Norway. Christer's tremendous experience and detailed work elevated the quality of the album, expanding its musical space and inviting the listener to its core. 

George Tanderø got the mastering right from the first try in Oslo.

All art was created by Ismini Christakopoulou at Minimuc Design Studios in Amsterdam. Her dedication to Playgrounded's artistic goals made her put countless hours in the art but we know she enjoyed the ride.

Robin Staps of The Ocean and Pelagic Records trusted this record from the very first listen and opened the welcoming doors of the Pelagic family for us, we thank them all for working to get the music to you! Also, Costin Chioreanu for bringing it to their attention.

Chris Breuer, Si Glacken, Rahul Menon and Jim Kotsis have been making sure that the record reaches all corners of the internet and press.

Lulu Davis of Incendia Music has been tirelessly working in the background, confirming all aspects of this release are managed properly. Thanks for believing in the band and the album.

Dimitris Anagnostou, Yannis Karabatsos and a large crew of cinematographers became a part of the Playgrounded artistic family by capturing and expanding our work on screen.

A loving circle of family members and friends whose help and influence is as important to the record as our own work. Panos Iliopoulos, Francesca Koomen, Vivi Markoni-Koytsovasili, Marina Xydia and Theano Ksidia, Yorgos and Eleni Stamelou, Kim Doreen Fischer, Antonis Tsiapalis and Anna Tsagkalou.

We remember Antonis Kotsirakis, Nicholas Markonis and Makis Tsamkosoglou who left us while this album was being made. Antonis Kotsirakis' reassuring presence and unfathomable support is woven into the existence of this band.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this record.

We will meet very soon,

Giorgos, Orestis, Stavros, Ody and Michael